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Tom si Jerry - Concursul.
03.01.2012, 11:52 PM

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2 Alexandr   (08.01.2013 7:22 PM)
Hello Michael,What a privilege to have you stop by and cneommt thank you!! Something about those drums ey?! I LOVE your tap dancing improvisation story!! So wonderful! Is there a film of it anywhere? Well, I think you were so wise when thinking, Who would ever ask me again? Think of all the missed opportunities of people not stepping outside their comfort zone or think they're too old, too this, too that how sad! I wish I had some hidden talent like yours or Kathy's or could sing or something. Please go ahead and ask me, I'd be all over it! Love your motto sir!Thank you again for visiting and for making me smile today! Fred Astaire stopped by today! YAY! Much kindness,Elena Elena Patrice recently posted..We're Judged by the Company We Keep.</a>

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1 Yuri   (07.31.2013 11:41 AM)
/ ma numesc gabi ,am 41 ani si o feitta de 4 ani ea este la virsta la care receptioneaza usor imformatii care ii vin prin joc si de aceea il rog pe dragalasul motivonti sa faca niste jocuri motivationale pentru prescolari puse sub forma unor clipuri mici .nu am gasit pe net nimic motivational pt copii carti ,cd si altelemultumesc gabi